JANUARY 24, 2003
Shorts Circuit


By Cody Clark

When most people think of Sundance, it's the feature-length films that spring readily to mind. But there's a thriving Sundance subculture of short films, most notably including the festival's six Short Program presentations, and the 31 submissions presently hosted at the Sundance Online Film Festival. Most of the Short Program selections won't be screened for media members until Saturday, but more than a few of the shorts that have people talking aren't even in that group.

We speak of what you might call the "short shorts," the cinematic snippets that go off like a joy buzzer in front of select feature films and documentaries. The mini-documentaries tend to run longer, but the short shorts that screen ahead of such films as Pieces of April and Bookies usually have running times under eight minutes (well under, in some cases). There's probably no other place to see these than at another film festival, which is a shame. We'd drop at least the price of a DVD for any compilation that included the following five:

1) Wilfred (directed by Tony Rogers) — Boy meets girl, then meets girl's "dog," Wilfred. Is sex with Sara worth the cost of sharing nachos, a DVD, and the bathroom with Wilfred?

2) A Ninja Pays Half My Rent (directed by Steven K. Tsuchida) — We didn't think the movie itself could make us laugh any harder than just reading its title. Then "pass the syrup" taught us the error of our ways.

3) Devil Talk (directed by Illeana Douglas) — Even Satan hates making the obligatory phone call to mom.

4) Tim Tom (directed by Christel Pougeoise and Romain Segaud) — Miniature men with flipchart noggins persevere in their quest to shake hands.

5) 72 Virgins (directed by Uri Bar-on) — The solution to peace in the Middle East is right before our eyes. Or should we say "before our mouths."

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